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OK. However, to get the most out of the amplifier’s superior sound and music quality, we have provided a brief description of the connections and use of the amplifier in order to provide a total music experience. except for North America and Denmark! My Hegel H-80 was an early transitional one, (mid ), with the RCA variable outputs, infact the manual included with this new, factory packed unit makes no mention of the feature and the RCAs are missing from the line drawing of the rear of the unit. The Hegel H90 supports the following for-mats from a UPnP/DLNA compatible player:. High end integrated amplifier (8 pages).

I finally got my Hegel H80 running this morning (delay caused by music server problems). The H80 sports 75 watts per channel into 8 ohms. For more information, please contact us at. The idea of the H80 is brilliant - a relatively inexpensive, versatile amp with a serious DAC onboard. Hegel&39;s patented SoundEngine output stages, the Reference quality preamp and our critically acclaimed DACs. That means increasing onus on the amp maker to become an amp+DAC maker, and few companies have taken that new role to heart as much as Hegel.

The Hegel H160 can be operated by the Hegel system remote control RC8 (included). Hegel is certainly giving you something for your $ with the Hegel H80 integrated amplifier. Amplifier Hegel H80 User Manual. This means that it can receive and play media files from a UPnP/DLNA compatible media player. H80 In the H80 integrated amplifier with digital and analog inputs, a technology from the Reference Hegel products has virtually been pouring down. ” The 75Wpc, solid-state H80 integrated amplifier with onboard DAC is a case in point; it allows a lot more of the music to “do the talking” than I thought possible for $. Username or e-mail: * Password: * Create new account;. Hegel has changed a lot in the intervening years between the H80 and H90.

Since my review of the H100 integrated amplifier in September, the Norwegian company has released three DACs, a preamp, a headphone amp/DAC, a power amp, and two integrateds, as well as updating a power amp already in the line. Hegel H80 webmarik Amplifiers Hegel The manufacturer just Music Machine as described H80 integrated amplifier entry type as the Hegelian finest technologies concentrated in, such as the patented SoundEngine output degree, the Reference category preamp and a as well as a premium-quality DA converter. Username or e-mail: * Password. The H80 is the company’s new hub. The Hegel system remote control will also control other Hegel products like CD-players, DACs and pream-plifiers, avoiding the need for several different remote control devices. He also thought it sounded different, but we had very divergent.

But the joy of the H90 is that it can do this to far more exotic loudspeakers than you might ever imagine a £1,500 amplifier doing. Chief designer Bent Holter told me at CES that Hegel is taking a relatively low profit margin on the H80 to keep the price at $. The Hegel H190 can function as a DLNA Digital Media Renderer.

High end integrated amplifier (8 pages) Amplifier Hegel H300 User Manual. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Hegel. Hegel H80 DEMO This is our own store demo Hegel H80.

If the music isn’t well recorded, it will sound. Hegel Music Systems H80 Hegel Music Systems has been on a roll. Ultimately, this is an amplifier with staying power, like the H80. C5-Series: C5-Series User Manual - English. High End Integrated Amplifier With Integrated USB DAC.

Air circulation is required above and below the amplifier, so be certain there is space above and below it. The H80 represents much of what is right hegel h80 user manual in the high-end-audio scene. The Hegel system remote control will also control other Hegel products like CD-players, DACs and preamplifiers, avoiding the need for several different remote control devices. Instead, Hegel talks about a “local error”-cancelling system in the audio stages that is supposed to produce a purer sound. Discussion in &39;Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates&39; started by bruny,. at 12:59 AM.

Hegel has done an excellent job of creating the H100 adaptable by adding pre-out and amp-in links, but the actual bait here is using it. Select Your Product; Back to hegel. It also controls a pair of speakers with the kind of grip Hegel is praised for, only more so. We don&39;t know if it is rated (or approved) for lower impedance speakers though we hope it is. If that was not enough, the new Hegel is far better in terms of sound than its predecessor - the H70. And with loudspeakers more in line with the price, the combination sounds excellent. View and Download Hegel H100 user manual online. Sporting three analogue inputs (two RCA, one balanced), four digital (two optical, two coax), and a USB to your computer, Hegel is breaking from audiophile tradition by including so much functionality in one box.

It is in excellent working condition, with only minor cosmetic blemishes from normal use. The volume level is indicated by a number between in the right side of the display, with 0 being the mute leven and 99 being max volume. The H80 sounds more natural and mature, but still very powerful.

It is a very, very different sound from anything that my Emotiva gear produces. The difference is immediately noticeable. User Manual Archive; Contact us. Hegel, PB26, Blindern, 0314 Oslo, Norway. It includes original packaging materials and manuals. The H80 was one of the first of the company’s ‘refreshed’ line, featuring improved versions of the company’s long-standing ‘SoundEngine’ circuit design, but subsequent developments have radically improved the performance of Hegel’s amplifiers still further.

Certainly, the company has kept the unit itself pretty simple. garbulky & Mrs. The Hegel H190 supports the following for-mats from a UPnP/DLNA compatible player:. The H80 features 5 digital inputs with 24 bit technology, 1 true balanced analog input and 2 unbalanced analog inputs (one of of which can be configured to be a Home Theatre direct input). 104 1: Connect left channel line output from your. In general, Hegel products are user-friendly, offer good hegel h80 user manual value, and hew toward understated cosmetics, as if to say, “We let the music do h80 the talking.

; Page 2: General Use The volume control knob is on the right side of the front panel. Page 1 Hegel H80 High End Integrated Amplifier User manual. 104 Control In Out High End Pre Amplifier Hegel, Oslo, Norway R L Inputs CD Video Aux Right Left Left RCA 1 Audio Outputs Right RCA 2 Right Left Balanced 1 Balanced 2 Home Theatre Max level input Control IR in out Amplifier circuit protected by Hegel US Patent no. It’s hard to ask for more. Page 2: Sound Advice USE & PLACEMENT The HEGEL H80 should be placed on a hard, flat surface to ensure proper cooling. H100 H160 H190 H200 H300 H70 H80 H90. 5-volt LR03 / AAA batteries.

The flexible, easily networkable, white-fronted integrated amplifier came as a result of direct requests from the iChummy North Americans and style-conscious Danes, and it has sold extremely well everywhere in the world. The Hegel system remote control will also control other Hegel products like CD-players and preamplifiers, avoiding the need for several different remote control devices. Question Hegel H80 is it powerful enough. H100 amplifier pdf manual download.

The Hegel H80 Integrated Amplifier is easy to connect and operate and requires no prior technical knowledge. H80 User Manual - English. The Hegel H80 is 3. Hegel&39;s new H80 D/A integrated amplifier ($) replaces the H70, which was introduced in, and uses the low-noise preamp circuit from the 00 H300 amplifier and Hegel&39;s patented feed-forward "Sound Engine" amplifier topology. Hegel US Patent no. Based on scant information I would expect a bigger sonic difference between the H80 and H160 than between the DACs in the H80 vs the HD12.

bruny, 1. Hegel H80 AmplifieR/dAC £1,350 COnneCTiOns A high transparency, high grip amp that can be considered a steal for the money The design of the Hegel is about as minimal as it gets I Hegel H80 Reviews AmplifieR/dAC £1,350 HFC_391_HegelH80_Reprint. 4 pounds but that is shipping weight). indd/10/14 16:50:30. Judging by the H80’s build and sound (and Holter’s straightforward manner), I have no reason to doubt him. 80” (HxWxD) and weighs around 25 pounds (they specify 26. I want to get hegel h80 user manual your take on keeping the H80 for 2ch and getting an AVR for movies with a budget of ~0-500 OR sell the H80 and get a higher end AVR for around ,500. The Hegel H90 can function as a DLNA Digital Media Renderer.

Yes, it’s an 75W per channel integrated amplifier, but the overall design quickly shows it’s very much an integrated amp with today in mind. The cut in power between H80 and H90 is a trivial aspect of performance, because the H90 is in all practical senses the more powerful sounding device. User Manual Archive. Gar dropped by after lunch today for a short listen.

In the press Hegel seems to suggest a lot of commonality between their integrated amps and stand alone preamps & DACs, ( again speculation). TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Power output: Analog Inputs: Digital Inputs: Frequency response: 5Hz-100kHz Signal-to-noise ratio: More. The difficulties of mixing pre-out having many potential interconnect cables and matching power amplifier and different pre amps are solved in a single elegant package. Hegel Music Systems has come up against the Law of Unintended Consequences with its new Röst integrated amplifier. It has two single-ended analog inputs, one balanced analog input, and five digital inputs, including USB. Hegel debuted the H90 DAC-integrated amplifier ($ USD), successor to the H80, in May, at the High End show in Munich, Germany.

My 2ch setup is comprised of the Hegel H80 and Monitor Audio Silver 6s and I plan to add the Silver Center and couple of surrounds. Hegel Support Page. Hegel’s patented SoundEngine output stages, the Reference quality preamp and our critically acclaimed DACs. See RH’s interview with Hegel founder Bent Holter in Issue 223 for details on Sound-Engine. For details on how to set up your media player, please refer to the user manual supplied hegel h80 user manual with the player. The remote control is using two standard small 1.

Hegel prefers to ensure its products’ longevity by implementing key features well rather than by checking every possible box, as some manufacturers do. The Hegel H80 Integrated Amplifier is easy to connect and operate and requires no prior technical knowledge. The Hegel H300 can be operated from the included Hegel system remote control RC8. Like other Hegel products, the number of buttons on the RC8 is kept to a minimum.

Hegel h80 user manual

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